Fitness With A Purpose

Board Of Directors


Craig Pettie

Director, President
Sensei Craig Pettie, 4th Dan, started karate in 1989 and received his first degree black belt rank in 1992. He has been teaching youth and adult karate programs since 1991. 

In addition to karate instruction, Sensei Pettie has many years of experience working with children in a variety of therapeutic settings and disciplines (Psychology, School Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy). In 2002 Sensei Pettie shifted careers and is now in the Information Technology industry as a Systems Analyst/Developer.

James Freeman

Director, Secretary/Treasurer
Sensei James Freeman, 6th Dan, has been teaching youth programs in the University area since 1989. Sensei started karate in September 1985 at the University of Alberta and received his Shodan by August 1990. He has competed in many competitions over the years, winning in both kata and kumite, and went to the National SWKKF Tournament in 1992 and 1996.

Sensei Freeman has also studied Iyengar yoga and has competed in numerous triathlon and running competitions since 2003. He is a two-time 1/2 Ironman finisher, and a six-time 1/2 marathon finisher with a personal best at the 2007 Okanagan Half Marathon of 1:27:35. He studied Resistance Training with the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, and has brought free weights, resistance bands, and stability balls into the core karate training program for adults. In 2008, Sensei was certified by Sensei Iain Abernethy as an Instructor in his Bunkai Jutsu teaching methods. Since 2010, Sensei has been an Outdoor and Indoor Soccer coach with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association. Sensei Freeman is a Professional Engineer with APEGA, and received both an MBA and a MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He owns his own consulting company Valentis International Inc, sits on two Boards, and is Chief Technology Officer and President, New Ventures with Zedi Inc

Sensei Freeman achieved his 6th Dan on May 5th, 2018, in Edmonton.

Scott Knowles

Director, Competitive Program Coach
Sensei Scott Knowles, 3rd Dan, began training in Wado-Kai Karate in 1994 age six. He earned his Shodan in May of 2007, his Nidan in May of 2010, and his Sandan in May of 2014. Sensei has been teaching youth and adult students since 2002, and is currently an active instructor with the BKA youth and adult programs. Scott has also received certification as an Introductory Instructor in the Bunkai principles of Sensei Iain Abernethy. Sensei also received a Salute to Sports Excellence award from the City of Edmonton for his successes in Karate.

Sensei Scott is very active on the tournament circuit, achieving success in both kata and kumite divisions at events across the country. He attended the Shintani National Team Tryouts in 2008, 2010, and 2012, and currently holds a middleweight spot on the Shintani Canadian National Team.

Sensei Scott earned his BSc in Computing Science at the University of Alberta (with specialization in Business), and has gone on to form his own web development company.

When he's not working or training, Sensei has a passion for photography, skiing, and cycling. Over the years he has competed provincially in several Track and Field events, with his forte in the 100m and 200m sprints.

Elliott Knowles

Director, Vice President
Sensei Elliott Knowles has been studying karate since the spring of 2002. He has been active in teaching various programs in southwest Edmonton since 2004. Originally training with the University of Alberta club, he moved to and joined the SWKKF and the Bushido Karate Association in October 2006. He received his Shodan ranking in May of 2008.

Sensei Elliott has been an active athlete most of his adult life and has focused on karate, triathlons, skiing, scuba diving, and weightlifting as his primary areas of interest. He has competed in and won within his division at multiple karate tournaments within the province. He has travelled the country and North America to compete in triathlons, and was highly ranked within his age group nationally and provincially. His personal best in an Olympic distance event was 2:18 in Calgary.

Sensei Elliott is married with two children, both of whom also train under Sensei Freeman at the Bushido Karate Association, he is extremely proud of both of them.

Since graduating from Business he has worked in the advertising and marketing community in Edmonton. He has been self employed as a Marketing / Advertising and Design consultant for the past 8 years. E Graphics and Design representing several retailers in the Edmonton area.

Kelsey Mramor

Sensei Kelsey Mramor, 3rd Dan, has 20 years of training experience. Impressively, Sensei Kelsey has been a member of the Shintani Wado-Kai Karate Federation's National Team  2008-2010 and 2010-2012.

She is the Founder and Head Instructor of the Derrick Wado-Kai Karate Club in Edmonton.

In addition to karate, she has seven years coaching experience and has competed in a variety of sports including swimming, diving, tennis, badminton and squash. Sensei Kelsey was a member of the U of A Pandas Tennis Team from 2002-2004 and even held the position of captain in 2003.

Sensei Kelsey is a Registered Nurse currently pursing graduate studies at the University of Toronto to become a Nurse Practitioner.

From March-May 2006, Sensei completed a volunteer mission as a Nursing Student in Ghana. You can read about her travels at:

Mike Reynolds

Director, Training Coordinator
Sensei Michael Reynolds, 2nd Dan, began training in Wado Kai Karate in 2008 with the Bushido Karate Association. He earned his Shodan ranking in May of 2013, and his Nidan in May 2016. Michael began teaching youth at Grandview/McKernan in 2012, and is currently an active youth and adult instructor with the BKA.
Over the years Sensei Michael has enjoyed attending many clinics to hone his karate, and has trained with Sensei Iain Abernethy exploring bunkai jutsu. He has also competed in numerous tournaments, consistently winning or placing in both kata and kumite.
Outside of karate, Sensei Michael received a B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics in 2008, and a Ph.D. in Medical Physics in 2015, being awarded many scholastic prizes and scholarships over his post-secondary tenure. Currently he is part of the (ART)2 team investigating a novel hybrid Linear accelerator - MRI device for the treatment of various cancers, carrying out extensive research into radiation detector design.

Sensei Michael is an avid recreational athlete and fitness buff, and has completed the AFLCA exercise theory course. While karate and weightlifting form the cornerstones of his training, he also enjoys soccer, biking, running, hiking, and swimming in his free time. 

Crystal Reynolds

Director, Training Coordinator
Sensei Crystal Reynolds, 2nd Dan, started her karate journey in January 2009. She received her first degree black belt in 2013, and in 2016 she became a second degree black belt. Sensei Crystal gradually started helping with the youth program as a coloured belt; first she watched from the sidelines, then she started holding striking shields and offering small corrections, and eventually she was encouraged to lead her own group of students though a class. She now regularly teaches at the youth program in McKernan.

In 2008 she graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. After graduation she started her career in an accounts payable position and has since expanded her job description to include customer support and many other general office roles.

In her spare time, Sensei Crystal enjoys knitting, reading, and traveling.

Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt

Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt, 2nd Dan, has been training in Wado-Kai karate since 1994. She started training with the Bushido Karate Association in 2004, and since then earned her Shodan rank in 2010, and her Nidan in 2016. 

Bernadine received her B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Alberta in 2012. In the summer of 2012, she relocated to Montreal to purse an M.Sc. in Physics. During this time she was fortunate to secure the lightweight women's position on the 2012-2014 Shintani Canadian National Team, and had the opportunity to train and compete in dojos across Canada.  

Bernadine completed her M.Sc. in the spring of 2015, and has since returned to Edmonton and resumed an active role in teaching the BKA youth program at Grandview. She takes a particular interest in education theory and in working with individuals to find the best ways to encourage their development. 

In the meantime Bernadine works as a private tutor and a freelance scientific editor. She hopes to be accepted into medical school at the University of Alberta in 2017.

Sensei Raye Willms

Sensei Raye has been training in karate for over 13 years, and achieved her Nidan on May 7, 2016. Karate is a big part in Raye's life between training and teaching. In 2008, Raye started teaching at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club. Since then, teaching karate has become a passion of hers.

Raye extended her interest in teaching outside of karate and now tutors math and science courses to students in Junior High, High School and University. Outside of karate, Raye attends the University of Alberta, working towards a Bachelor of Science. She is looking forward to studying abroad at the Cortona Campus in Italy."