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Welcome To The Bushido Karate Association

The Bushido Karate Association is a Non-Profit Organization that has been offering youth and adult programs to people in the University-Area and southwest communities in Edmonton since 1993. Learn more about us here, or browse below for the latest news and information from our organization.

Spring Inter-Club Tournament


As distributed in class over the past few weeks, here is the information for the upcoming inter-club tournament for our youth members.  For this event we bring together the Grandview and Derrick programs for a spirited morning of fun, with an introduction to tournaments for our junior students, and some high level competition for our more senior ranks.  We hope to see you at the event!  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to email the instructional team, or speak to us in class.

The BKA’s tournament team will be in attendance!

Click here to download a copy of the PDF flyer.

Youth Tournament This Weekend

The instructors of the Grandview and Derrick Bushido Karate clubs are proud to announce our FALL YOUTH KARATE TOURNAMENT. Its going to be an amazing and fun experience. You can expect a morning full of friendly competition in kata, kumite, and pad kumite.  If you haven’t been to a tournament before, they are a great way to meet new friends, have a lot of fun, learn some new techniques, and demonstrate your skill. We will also see in attendance our brand new BKA Tournament Team.  This will be a very special day for all. See You There!

Mother Margaret Mary Catholic School
2010 Leger Rd NW

Saturday October 21, 2017

WHITE / WHITE STRIPE - 9 am (sharp)
YELLOW AND ABOVE - 10 am (sharp) to 1pm

Please arrive minimum 15 minutes early Students May Leave When Their Ring Completes

General Information
• Arrive on time / Remain to completion of your ring.
• Support and encourage your fellow competitors
• Make new friends.
• Practice your kata(s) prior to your competition time.
• Relax and have fun.
• The spirit of this event is for all competitors to have a safe and fun experience with their fellow karate-ka.
• Excessive contact or any un-sports-person like behavior will not be permitted.

Please see Sensei Freeman PRIOR to tournament to purchase if needed. On a  first come basis, we will have a few pairs of hand pads to loan out.

Please Note. Participating students must be have completed the Bushido Karate Association online registration form. Students who have not completed their registration will NOT be allowed to participate.

White belts will spar with instructors. All other ranks will spar within their own rank level.

Whitecourt Tournament Results

Wow! 25 attendees from Bushido out to the tournament this weekend. On behalf of the instructional team, thank you for your incredible support. We'd also like to again thank Sensei Shelley McGregor for hosting a fantastic tournament this weekend.

Here are the attendees and results from the event this weekend.

Scott Knowles (Sandan - Grandview)
Gold - Kata (Sandan and Up), Gold - Kumite (Nidan and Up), Silver - Open Kata (All Black Belts), Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition, King of the Ring Overall Champion, Overall Black Belt Competitor Award

Bernadine Jugdutt (Nidan - Grandview)
Gold - Open Kata (All Black Belts)

Mike Reynolds (Nidan - Grandview)
Silver - Kumite (Nidan and Up), Team Bronze - King of the Ring Competition

Raye Willms (Nidan - Grandview/Derrick)
Bronze - Kata (Nidan), Team Silver - King of the Ring Competition

Elise Leong-Sit (Shodan - Grandview/Derrick)
Gold - Kata (Shodan), Gold - Kumite (Shodan + Nidan Female), Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition

Michael Chmay (Shodan - Grandview)
Silver - Kumite (Shodan Men), Team Silver - King of the Ring Competition

Sidney Taylor (Shodan - Grandview)
Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition

Bryn Murray (Brown - Grandview)
Gold - Kata

Gene Klenke (Brown - Grandview)
Bronze Kata, Silver - Kumite

Julieta Dikova (Brown - Grandview)

Tony Kurani (Brown - Derrick)
Gold - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Shawn Larmand (Blue - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata, Gold - Kumite

Alex Wong (Blue - Grandview)
Gold - Kata

Ryan Bangit (Blue Youth - Derrick)
Gold - Kata

Finn Orom (Blue Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata, Gold - Kumite

Andrea Milne-Epp (Green - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata

Emily Muddle (Green Youth - Derrick)
Gold - Kata, Silver - Kumite

Jackson Ulrich (Green Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata

Denise Parsons (Orange - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata, Silver - Kumite

Bayne Murray (Orange Youth - McKernan)
Gold - Kata

Eric Milne-Epp (Orange Youth - McKernan)
Silver - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Tessa Muddle (Orange Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata

Ava Milne-Epp (Yellow Stripe Youth - McKernan/Grandview)
Gold - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Jennifer Muddle (Yellow - Derrick)

Jojo Bangit (White - Derrick)
Gold - Kata

Whitecourt Tournament

Students, the Whitecourt tournament is approaching quickly!  If you are interested in attending this tournament, information is available in the events section of the website - or you can see Sensei Scott at the dojo for details!

South Calgary Tournament

Students, the South Calgary 20th anniversary tournament is approaching quickly.  For more information on the tournament, please visit the South Calgary Wado Kai Karate club website.  Highlights include black belt team competitions and WKF rules kumite for black belts.  Register by March 1st to receive your complimentary T-Shirt!

Youth Inter-Club Tournament


A reminder that our Youth Inter-Club tournament is coming up on Saturday February 25th - from 9AM-1PM at S. Bruce Smith School.  Information to be distributed over email and in class over the next few weeks.  Flyer also available for download in our events section.

South Calgary Tournament

Students, the South Calgary Tournament is coming up quickly on March 12th.  If you are looking to attend, pre-registration is available online.  Please check out our events section of the website for full details.

A large portion of our black belt instructional staff will be making the trip down to represent the club.  We wish them well!

Youth Inter-Club Tournament

Students, we will be hosting our annual spring inter-club tournament for Derrick and McKernan youth members.  The event will be hosted on February 14th from 9AM-1PM at Lillian Osborne High School.

Back to Karate!

Students, our 2016 term is in full swing!  There have been some slight changes made to the schedule of some of our classes, so be sure to check your class hours to ensure you or your child are attending the correct classes.  Reminder - it's not too late to start for beginners!  If you have friends or family members who are interested in joining the program, they are welcome to attend class and try it out.

In the winter season we see a variety of training opportunities across the province for our members to attend.  Please check out our events section online for up to date information on clinics, tournaments, and gradings coming up in the next 6 months!

BKA Fall Youth Tournament

Students, a reminder that our youth tournament will be held on Saturday October 24th, 2015 at Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School.  Information has been emailed out by Sensei Freeman, and instructors will continue to be distributed in class as well.  See you there!

Whitecourt Tournament Results


10 members from the BKA travelled out to Whitecourt for the annual tournament over the weekend. Our students represented well, and all came back with trophies, shirts, and other awards! Check out the stats below on who attended the event, and make sure to congratulate them on their success at the tournament when you see them!

Nicklaus Mah (Yellow-stripe Youth) - 1st Kata
Ronin Chan (Yellow-stripe Youth) - 2nd Kata, 1st Kumite
Alex Wong (Orange Adult) - 1st Kata, 1st Kumite
Sara Mah (Blue Youth) - 1st Kata, 1st Kumite
Shawn Larmand (Blue Adult) - 2nd Kata, 2nd Kumite
Veronica Krawcewicz (Brown Adult) - 3rd Kata
Adam Knowles (Shodan-Nidan) - 2nd Kata, 3rd Team King of the Ring
Elliott Knowles (Shodan-Nidan) - 4th Kata, 2nd Team King of the Ring
Scott Knowles (Sandan+) - 2nd Open Kata, 1st Team King of the Ring, King of the Ring Individual Champion

Whitecourt Tournament

Reminder that the Whitecourt tournament is this weekend!  If you are interested in attending the tournament, be sure to check out the flyer in the events tab on our website!

South Calgary Tournament

Reminder that the South Calgary tournament will be hosted this weekend at the Fish Creek Recreation Complex!  As one of the biggest tournaments in the country, this tournament is often attended by senior members of our organization, the national team and it's support staff, and countless students from across the country.  The BKA will be sending down members of it's tournament team to compete as well.  Good luck to all competitors!

Tournament Team Trainings

Club members, note that there will be two more tournament team trainings this semester.  They will be hosted from 3:30-5:30PM before the 6:00PM Sunday classes on March 8th and April 12th.  These tournament seminars are open to our Tournament Team, youth members green and up, and all adult members.  See you at the workouts!

Spring Inter-Club Tournament

On February 14th we held our second Inter-Club Tournament of the year.  With 12 divisions and 72 students from Grandview/McKernan and The Derrick competing in kata, kumite, and pad kumite, we feel the event was a success.  Thank you to all the parents who took the time out to drive and support their kids at the event on the Family Day long weekend.  Thanks as well to all the black belts and coloured belt members from out adult program who came out to support the event.

Youth Inter-Club Tournament

Students, a reminder that this weekend we will be hosting our annual inter-club tournament for youth members of the BKA!  Check out the flyer that has been distributed in class/over email on the events tab.  See you there!

Inter-Club Tournament Results

We had 87 kids out to the youth fall inter-club tournament over the weekend competing across 12 ring divisions - 46 From Grandview/McKernan, and 41 from the Derrick Club! All the youth students had the opportunity to compete in Kata, Kumite, and Pad Kumite.

Once again, great work to all the students and to the instructors that helped make the event possible.  Next event for youth members will be our Fall Grading on December 13th.

BKA Competition Team

Students, next Saturday we will be hosting our inaugural "BKA team training camp" at the McKernan dojo. This event is open to all youth and adult students of the Derrick and Grandview/McKernan.

The purpose of the team is to allow students with a tournament focus to get specialized training in preparation for competition events. The coaching team will host events both in and out of class time to help you train to succeed at events you attend (and there are a few other perks too!). Check out the documentation here.

Head Coach: Scott Knowles
Assistant Coaches: All Black Belt Team Members
Administrative Contact (Grandview): Mike Reynolds
Administrative Contact (Derrick): Raye Willms
Advisors: James Freeman, Kelsey Mramor

Upcoming Events

Here's a summary of all the upcoming events.
Check out our events tab for more information on these events.

Youth Grading - Saturday April 26th, 2014 - Mother Margarget Mary School.
Black Belt Grading - Saturday May 3rd, 2014 - Edson, Alberta.
Adult Grading - Friday May 9th, 2014 - Grandview Dojo.
Teen Grading - Sunday May 11th, 2014 - Grandview Dojo.

Saskatoon Tournament - Saturday April 5th, 2014 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Whitecourt Tournament - Saturday April 12th, 2014 - Whitecourt, Alberta.
National Tournament - Saturday May 24th, 2014 - Simcoe, Ontario.

Saskatoon Tournament Clinic - Friday April 4th, 2014 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Whitecourt Tournament Clinic - Friday April 11th, 2014 - Whitecourt, Alberta.
Whitecourt Black Belt Clinic - Sunday April 13th, 2014 - Whitecourt, Alberta.
Black Belt Grading Clinic - Friday May 2nd, 2014 - Edson, Alberta.
National Tournament Clinic - Friday May 23rd, 2014 - Simcoe, Ontario.

Other Events
Fitness Testing - Friday May 16th, 2014 - Grandview Dojo.

South Calgary Tournament 2014

We had a good contingent of students head down to the South Calgary annual tournament this year!  The exact number hasn't been counted, but there was over 350 competitors at the event.

Congratulations to all the students who attended and achieved, and thank you to Sensei Heather & the South Calgary dojo for hosting an awesome event.

Here's the group photo of BKA attendees!  Not everyone is wearing their medals :-).


Youth Inter-Club Tournament


This weekend we will be hosting our annual inter-club tournament for youth members of the Grandview/McKernan and Derrick programs! The event will run from 9AM until 1PM at Mother Margaret Mary School on Saturday, March 8th. All youth ranks are welcome to come and compete in three events (kata, kumite, and pad kumite). We consider this event a "learning tournament" so that parents and students are familiarized with the tournament process, and may then look to attend others across the province! There will be 4 rings set up, a practice area with extra instruction, prizes, and fun to be had for everyone!

For more information please check the flyer available here!

There will be no classes at McKernan or the Derrick that day as all instructors will be at the event.
Adult members, if you are available to help us with the event, it would be very much appreciated!

7th Commonwealth Karate Championships 2013

As members of the Shintani Canadian National Team, Sensei Scott and Sensei Bernadine will be travelling to Montreal to compete in the 7th Annual Commonwealth Karate Championships.  This is a WKF sanctioned international event, so Scott and Bernadine will be competing with WKF standardized versions of katas and following WKF rules for their kumite divisions.  For more information on the event, click here!

November Events Updated

The events sections on the site have been updated to include all tournaments and clinics happening throughout November. If you are interested in attending speak to the senior instructors at the dojo, or download the information PDFs available.

BKA Youth Inter-Club Tournament

A note reminding students/parents that we are hosting our annual Inter-Club Tournament on February 16th, 2013 at Mother Margaret Mary School from 9AM - 1PM.  Tournaments are a healthy fufilling experience for all competitors (not to mention a lot of fun).

See you at the event!

BKA Youth Tournament/Clinic

The instructors of the Grandview and Derrick Bushido Karate clubs are proud to announce our annual youth karate tournament. It's going to be an amazing and fun experience. You can expect a morning full of friendly competition in kata, kumite, and pad kumite. As well, we will have a special youth clinic hosted by Sensei Freeman on a surprise topic.

As well as accomplishment certificates for competitors there will be a surprise keepsake for you to commemorate your participation!

If you haven’t been to a tournament before, they are a great way to meet new friends, have a lot of fun, learn some new techniques, and demonstrate your skill. This will be a very special day for all. See You There!

Where: Archbishop Joseph MacNeil - see newsletter for address.

When: The Tournament/Clinic will run on Saturday, February 25th from 9:00am-1:00pm. Please show up around 8:45 to register.

View the events section to download the newsletter.

Glamorgan Karate Club Tournament

The Glamorgan Karate Club will be hosting their 7th Annual Tournament on November 12th as well as an Adult Seminar on November 11th.

When: Sat, November 12, 8am – 6pm

Where: Central Memorial High School, 5111 21st Street SW, Calgary AB

See attached tournament package for details and a registration form.

BKA Whitecourt Tournament Results

The tournament held on Saturday April 2nd in Whitecourt was an amazing success! The event was supported by countless students and black belts from across the country, including the National Team. Many of our Bushido students came out to support the event, and everyone came away successful! Listed below are the results from the adult students who attended.

Sensei Kelsey Ross
Nidan Division
- 1st Place Kata (Chinto)
- Team Placed 2nd in Team Competition

Sensei Scott Knowles
Nidan Division
- 2nd Place Kata (Chinto)
- 3rd Place Kumite
- Team Placed 3rd in Team Competition

Sensei Elliott Knowles
Shodan Division
- Team Placed 4th in Team Competition

Adam Knowles
Brown Youth Men's Division
- 2nd Place Kumite

Sidney Chan
Brown Men's Division
- 3rd Place Kata (Kushanku)
- 2nd Place Kumite

Amanda Willms
Brown Women's Division
- 2nd Place Kata (Kushanku)

Raye Willms
Blue/Brown Youth Women's Division
- 1st Place Kata (Pinan Godan)

Janet Ross
Blue/Brown Youth Women's Division
- 2nd Place Kata (Pinan Godan)
- 2nd Place Kumite

Mike Reynolds
Blue Men's Division
- 2nd Place Kata (Pinan Godan)
- 2nd Place Kumite

Crystal Sincennes
Green Women's Division
- 3rd Place Kata (Pinan Yodan)
- 3rd Place Kumite

BKA Youth Tournament - Rescheduled

Students and families,

The youth tournament has been rescheduled to February 26th. All other details have remained the same.
The Youth Tournament will run on February 26th from 9:00am-1:00pm. Please show up around 8:45 to register.

South Calgary Tournament Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in and supported the tournament this weekend.

Orange Belt Division - Women
Crystal - Bronze Kata
Kerrie - Bronze Kumite

Green Belt Division - Men
Andrij - Bronze Kata
Mike - Bronze Kumite

Blue Belt Division - Women
Veronica - 5th Kata

Blue Belt Division - Men
Adam - Gold Kumite, 4th Kata
Sydney - Silver Kumite and Bronze Kata
John - Silver Kata

Shodan Division - Men
Sensei Scott - Silver Kata, 4th Kumite
Sensei Elliott - 5th Kumite

Black Belt Team Competition
Sensei Elliott's team - Silver
Sensei Scott's team - Bronze

2010 Annual South Calgary Tournament

This is just a reminder to everyone about the upcoming workshop and tournament in Calgary this weekend (March 5th and 6th).
It will be held at South Fish Creek Recreation Complex and will have feature Senseis Brad Cosby and Neil Prime.

Whitecourt Success and Results

Congratulations to Sensei Shelley and Sensei Shane for running another successful tournament and clinic set!
The BKA was well represented and we would like to congratulate those members who took the time to both compete and support the events.
Reports from Sensei Scott indicate:
Bernadine took Gold in Kata and Kumite.
Both Sensei Scott and Adam received Silver in both Kata and Kumite in their respective divisions.
Raye received Silver in Kata.
Mary was close to medal contention in Kata.

Congratulations everyone!

Whitecourt Tournament

Good luck to all attending the Whitecourt Tournament and clinics this weekend.
Whitecourt Wado Kai Karate Tournament Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Location: Allan and Jean Millar Centre # 58 Sunset Blvd, Whitecourt, AB
Shelley McGregor - (780) 778-8824
Shane Shepherd - (780) 778-4739

BKA Tournament (Grandview & Derrick)

The BKA is happy to announce its upcoming youth karate tournament for students of the BKA Grandview and Derrick clubs. You can expect a morning of fun and friendly competition. Tournament Details
Location: Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School (750 Leger Way, Edmonton)
Date: Saturday, February 6, 2009
Time: 9 am (sharp) to 12 pm
Grandview Contact: Sensei James Freeman ( or Sensei Elliott Knowles (
Derrick Contact: Sensei Kelsey Ross (

Glamorgan Tounament Results

Congratulations to the Knowles clan for supporting and participating in the Glamorgan Tournament this past weekend in Calgary. Sensei Scott received gold in both kata and kumite and Sensei Elliott was just edged out of medal contention. Adam received bronze for both kata and kumite. Congratulations again gentleman and I know that Sensei Kevin and John appreciated the support.

Glamorgan Tournament

Glamorgan Karate Club's Fall Tournament Location: Central Memorial High School 5111 - 21 St. SW, Calgary

Tournament events:
Kata and Kumite competition for all competitors.
Seminar for Youth competitors
Adult Seminar: Friday Night - Hosted by Dynamic Karate
Kevin Bowes (403) 244-1454 -
John Eastly (403) 605-1519 -

Congratulations Sensei Scott!

Students, Sensei Scott and Elliot Knowles recently travelled to the Niagara area for extensive training and to compete in the Master Shintani Memorial tournament on May 23 in St. Catherines Ontario. They had an awesome week staying in Welland, the heartland of the Shintani Wado-kai Karate organization in Canada, and trained multiple times at the Hombu. Sensei Ron, our Chief Instructor, was gracious in hosting them and spending time with them during the week. At the tournament, Sensei Scott placed first in Shodan Kumite, second in mandatory kata (Kushanku) and third in optional kata (with Chinto). Sensei Elliot was edged out for fourth in the optional kata competition. Awesome job!

Whitecourt Results

On April 18, ten members of the BKA attended the 6th Annual Whitecourt tournament. Overall, there were about 100 youth competitors and 75 adults, include 35 brown and black belts. Here's how our students did: Crystal Sincennes - White Belt Adult division - 1st in kata, 2nd in kumite Mike Reynolds - Yellow Belt Adult Division - 2nd in kata Andrij Demianczuk - Yellow Belt Adult Division - 1st in kata Veronica Kralcewicz - Blue Belt Adult Division - 1st in kata Adam Knowles - Youth Blue Belt Division - 1st in Kumite Scott Knowles - Shodan Dvision - 2nd in kata, 2nd in Kumite Elliot Knowles - Shodan Division - 3rd in Kumite Angela Juby - Brown Belt Dvision - 3rd in kata Well done to all students who competed, and thanks to all students who support the Whitecourt Wado-kai group in their successful event.

Congratulations Sensei Scott!

The BKA had five members in attendance at the South Calgary Wado-kai karate tournament. Overall, there were 211 kyu belts and 48 black-belts, including Sensei Denis Labbe (8th-Dan), and Sensei Ron Mattie (7th Dan), the President and Chief Instructor for the SWKKF respectively. The National Team was also present, and features our very own Sensei Kelsey Ross (2nd-Dan). Congratulations to Sensei Scott Knowles, who place 1st in Kumite and 3rd in kata in a very competitive Shodan division. Sensei Kelsey placed 3rd in kata in the Nidan-Sandan division, and 4th in Women's black-belt kumite. The team competition was exciting. It was judged to WKF rules, and was easily won by the National Team. We had an awesome banquet afterwards, but got snowed in the massive storm that hit Calgary that night. Overall, a very memorable week-end. Sensei Heather and Darren Fidyk and the entire south Calgary wado-kai club did an excellent job of hosting another great event.

BKA Tournament

The BKA is happy to announce its upcoming youth karate tournament. You can expect a morning of fun and friendly competition. Location: Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School (750 Leger Way, Edmonton) Date: Saturday, February 6, 2009 Time: 9 am (sharp) to 12 pm Grandview Contact: Sensei James Freeman ( or Sensei Elliott Knowles ( Derrick Contact: Sensei Kelsey Ross (
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