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The Bushido Karate Association is a Non-Profit Organization that has been offering youth and adult programs to people in the University-Area and southwest communities in Edmonton since 1993. Learn more about us here, or browse below for the latest news and information from our organization.

Whitecourt Tournament Results

Wow! 25 attendees from Bushido out to the tournament this weekend. On behalf of the instructional team, thank you for your incredible support. We'd also like to again thank Sensei Shelley McGregor for hosting a fantastic tournament this weekend.

Here are the attendees and results from the event this weekend.

Scott Knowles (Sandan - Grandview)
Gold - Kata (Sandan and Up), Gold - Kumite (Nidan and Up), Silver - Open Kata (All Black Belts), Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition, King of the Ring Overall Champion, Overall Black Belt Competitor Award

Bernadine Jugdutt (Nidan - Grandview)
Gold - Open Kata (All Black Belts)

Mike Reynolds (Nidan - Grandview)
Silver - Kumite (Nidan and Up), Team Bronze - King of the Ring Competition

Raye Willms (Nidan - Grandview/Derrick)
Bronze - Kata (Nidan), Team Silver - King of the Ring Competition

Elise Leong-Sit (Shodan - Grandview/Derrick)
Gold - Kata (Shodan), Gold - Kumite (Shodan + Nidan Female), Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition

Michael Chmay (Shodan - Grandview)
Silver - Kumite (Shodan Men), Team Silver - King of the Ring Competition

Sidney Taylor (Shodan - Grandview)
Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition

Bryn Murray (Brown - Grandview)
Gold - Kata

Gene Klenke (Brown - Grandview)
Bronze Kata, Silver - Kumite

Julieta Dikova (Brown - Grandview)

Tony Kurani (Brown - Derrick)
Gold - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Shawn Larmand (Blue - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata, Gold - Kumite

Alex Wong (Blue - Grandview)
Gold - Kata

Ryan Bangit (Blue Youth - Derrick)
Gold - Kata

Finn Orom (Blue Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata, Gold - Kumite

Andrea Milne-Epp (Green - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata

Emily Muddle (Green Youth - Derrick)
Gold - Kata, Silver - Kumite

Jackson Ulrich (Green Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata

Denise Parsons (Orange - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata, Silver - Kumite

Bayne Murray (Orange Youth - McKernan)
Gold - Kata

Eric Milne-Epp (Orange Youth - McKernan)
Silver - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Tessa Muddle (Orange Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata

Ava Milne-Epp (Yellow Stripe Youth - McKernan/Grandview)
Gold - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Jennifer Muddle (Yellow - Derrick)

Jojo Bangit (White - Derrick)
Gold - Kata
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