Dynamic Karate – Virtual Clinic
Friday October 23 2020 – 5:30-8:15 (MDT)
Saturday October 24 2020 10-2 (MDT).  

See details here: https://dynamickarate.ca/11th-annual-fall-clinic

Friday October 23 Evening session for Adults: 6:45 – 8 pm
Regular colored-belt class from 6 to 6:30; 15 min set-up and safe entry for additional ranks.We plan to set up a  Projector at the dojo, and attend as a group on Friday evening – all ranks welcome, but space will be limited to ~16 in order to observe social distancing.

Saturday (Brown/Black): 12:30 – 2 pm.  You’ll need to attend from home. Fee is $25 for both sessions, or $10 for Friday night only.

Register Here: 

BKA Instructors who register – Fees will be covered by the BKA.  Let me know once you have registered, and I will send one e-Transfer to Sensei Darren to reduce Transaction Fees. Given the pandemic restrictions in place, it is important to take advantage of opportunities to train with different instructors.  Different perspectives are important and can unlock epiphanies in your training. We also want to support the SWKKF as far as we can during these difficult times.