2021 Northern Alberta Pre-Grading

The Northern Alberta Black Belt Pre-Grading has been scheduled and will be hosted by the BKA.  The pre-grading process is strongly recommended for all students looking to grade in May, so that they can be assessed by instructors outside their dojo, and received constructive feedback to assist in their success on grading day. This event will be open to all brown belt students and up. Southern Alberta grading candidates are welcome to attend this event if they are unable to attend the grading in their region.

Date: Sunday March 7th, 2021
Time: 10:00AM – 2:00PM

Online Registration for this event must be competed by end of day on February 27th.

  • This event will be a fully digital session via Zoom.  Zoom information will be distributed to registered participants and joseki members in the week before the event.
  • Primary focus will be on grading techniques, katas, and kihon combinations.  No jiyu kumite or contact karate will be tested at this event.
  • This event is open to attendees from all clubs, ranked Brown and up.  Only pre-grading candidates will be assessed by the Joseki board.
  • Registered Joseki Board members must be ranked Sandan or above.

Action Item: Complete Registration Online for Grading Candidates, Participants, and Joseki Board by end of day on February 27th.

Registration and Information Link: http://www.edmonton-karate.com/events/2021-black-belt-pre-grading/

Adult Grading on December 11th

Club Members, 

A reminder about our annual fall grading, occurring tomorrow night from 7:00PM-9:00PM.  This event will be hosted on Zoom in Dojo Room 2.

We will have three candidates looked at for grading.  As we can’t do partner work, the grading will have a heavy focus on kata and kumite style waza, movement, and kata presentation.

All members are encouraged to come out and support the club and the candidates!  Students and candidates training are asked to turn on their cameras for the workout.

Sensei James, Sensei Craig, and Sensei Scott will preside over the grading.

Thanks, and we will see you tomorrow!

Youth Grading Success!

Congratulations to the 49 Youth members of the club who received promotions yesterday at our annual December grading. So much talent, passion, and potential on the floor. I’d also like to thank the 14 instructors and 4 senior students from both the Derrick and Grandview clubs who contributed to making yesterday special for these young people.

October Black Belt Grading Results

Congratulations to Sensei Natty Aytenfisu and Sensei Elise Leong-Sit. Sensei Natty received his 3rd dan yesterday, while Sensei Elise moved to 2nd dan. I had the opportunity to watch them on the floor, and both were outstanding! What a great way to cap off our 25th Anniversary as an organization.

Adult Grading Results

Great grading last night! 17 promotions to all coloured belt ranks, including 9 new green belts. 45 people at the dojo, including 15 instructors, and 24 women. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who worked hard on Friday!

Upcoming Youth Grading

Parents and club members, the spring youth grading is just over a week away!  Attached below is information about the event.

1. Grading – The BKA annual Spring Youth Grading will be held Saturday, April 20th at Mother Margaret Mary School.  We are going to maintain the format from the last grading, and have everyone begin the grading at the same time: 9:00AM.  As the day progresses we will do three separate grading ceremonies, and upon completion of you son or daughter’s grading, they are free to go.  You are also welcome to stay and watch the higher ranks continue their gradings!

a. If your son or daughter is currently a white, white-stripe, yellow, they will begin their grading at 9:00AM, and finish by 10:30AM.
b. If your son or daughter is currently a yellow stripe, orange, or orange stripe, they will begin their grading at 9:00AM and finish by 11:45AM.
c. If your son or daughter is currently a green, green stripe, blue, or blue stripe, they will begin their grading at 9:00AM and finish by 12:45PM.

2. Promotion – Progress in rank in karate comes primarily through a combination of three things:

a. Time – time is required to master techniques, improve timing, and build gross and fine motor skills.  For the lower ranks, we outline the general minimum times where students can expect to remain at a given rank in the attached sheets.  We do keep attendance, and look at this as we consider which students are likely ready for promotion.
b. Skill – results from practice, which results from time spent on the floor.  In general, we look at three aspects to karate training.  The first is basic technique, in isolation, or in combinations.  These need to be performed at a level of proficiency appropriate for the age and rank sought.  The second is kata.  Kata is good because it shows individual commitment to learning and mastering a specific routine.  It is something your son or daughter could practice at home to improve.  The last element is sparring, either with pads, the instructors, or against other students, according to their rank.  This shows an ability to integrate basic technique into combinations in a random situation.
c. Attitude – the general approach the student brings to class, and their supportiveness for other students as a training partner and in some cases, mentor.
d. It is not uncommon for students at the yellow-stripe and higher ranks to need one year of training in order to advance.  Where instructors have decided that a student would benefit from another term at their present rank, they are still encouraged to come and participate in the grading experience, but we try to let parents know in advance (by e-mail) so that you can best decided how to prepare your son or daughter.  In some cases, decisions are made on the day, based on the opinion of other instructors present.  Please realize that it does not do any favours to the student to advance them too fast, as they can become frustrated with the new material and overwhelmed with the experience if they are not ready.  We explain it to the kids as being like skipping a grade at school.