Summer Training/Fitness Testing

Club Members,

It has been an incredibly exciting term, and a fantastic year for the Bushido Karate Association. 
Thank you for all your support, and congratulations on a fantastic year of training.
You are what made our 25th anniversary special!

With the gradings behind us, we are almost through all of our events!  Our final event is fitness testing this Friday, May 17th at the Grandview dojo.
The event will run for three hours, from 6PM-9PM.  Attendance is highly encouraged!  More information to follow for that event.

Our summer schedule begins tonight at the Grandview dojo.  Classes will run over the summer on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:30PM-8:30PM.
The Sunday kyu belt introductory class will be discontinued until September.  All ranks are welcome to train and attend classes on Tuesday and Friday nights.

The summer term is designed to allow students to explore other concepts integral to your success in karate in greater depth. 
This includes a heavier focus on self protection skills, some throwing/takedowns, and plenty of other exciting topics!  Attendance is encouraged for all ranks.

Registration for the summer term is due.  Please see Sensei Scott to take care of summer fees.

Fall 2018 Fitness Testing

Adult Club Members,

Just a reminder that Friday night, September 28 at Grandview Heights from 6:00 – 9:00 pm, we will be holding our annual Fall Fitness Testing. We first ran Fitness Testing in September of 2006, and have continued every year since. The September tests in particular are a great way to benchmark where your starting fitness level is at for the upcoming season.

Come in comfortable work-out clothes and runners, and bring any fitness trackers you may have as well as a stop-watch, tape measure, and perhaps motivational tunes on your phone for the tougher tests.

See you there!

Fall Fitness Testing

Adult Members,

A reminder that we will be hosting our fall fitness test on September 29th at the Grandview dojo from 6:00PM – 9:00PM.

The protocol is scheduled to take the full three hours.  The testing protocol is designed to assist you in benchmarking your overall fitness and will guide goal setting for the future.

Please bring a copy of the testing protocol (distributed over email), comfortable workout clothes, running shoes, a measuring tape, and a stopwatch.

Wearables for tracking things like heart rate are also welcome, and encouraged!  Remember to fuel up 2-3 hours before to maximize your success at the event.

Fall Fitness Testing


We will conduct our annual Fall Fitness Testing from 6:00 – 9:00 pm of tomorrow Friday, September 30 at the Grandview Dojo.

Wear comfortable work-out clothes, and bring a tape measure, stop watch, pen and comfortable work-out shoes. You may also find a heart-rate monitor helpful.

The protocol is unchanged from the recent past, so you if have a few previous results, print the attached, note previous test results as a bench mark, and bring the sheet along.

Good luck tomorrow!

Fall Fitness Test

Adult Members, we will host our fall fitness test this Friday at Grandview from 6PM-9PM.  You can download the PDF explaining the event at this link here: Fall Fitness Test PDF. We recommend printing off this sheet and bringing it to the event, or storing it on your phone for the event as a reference.

This protocol assesses cardio, agility, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness – and can be used to measure progress as you train with BKA. Please bring a stopwatch, measuring tape, running shoes, and comfortable workout attire.

Fitness Testing Friday


We will be conducting our annual Spring Fitness tests this coming Friday May 15 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the Grandview Heights dojo. Wear comfortable work-out clothes, runners, and bring a stop-watch, measuring tape and Heart-Rate monitor if you have one. Later this week, I’ll post the test protocol we’ll use this year.