About Our Organization

About The Bushido Karate Association

The Bushido Karate Association is a Non-Profit Organization that has been offering youth and adult programs to people in the University-Area and southwest communities in Edmonton since 1993.

Our mission is to help you or your child unlock mental and physical talents in order to lead a richer life.

Wado-Kai Karate is not about fighting, but rather, developing the self-confidence to seek peace when anger and conflict seem like the logical course of action. However, should karate technique be required to attain personal defence, we believe that it should be delivered with speed and power, simply but effectively.

Success in the martial arts is about positive attitude and sweat. It is also about training in a balanced program that develops all aspects of fitness – cardio, muscular strength and endurance, balance, power, and flexibility. Our instructors are trained in basic fitness theory and offer a program backed by current thinking from exercise physiology. We have helped scores of people set and achieve personal goals and to live healthy, active lifestyles. 

Mission Statement

To inspire youth and adults of all abilities to live safer and healthier lives through practice of traditional karate informed by modern combative and fitness principles.

Vision Statement

To be Canada’s leading organization dedicated to the integration and instruction of traditional karate informed by modern combative and fitness principles.

Our Values

  • Innovation: Our exploration and integration of traditional and modern combative principles continues to evolve.
  • Safety: We provide a challenging but physically and psychologically safe environment for our members.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in authentic, effective combative skills.
  • Community: We maintain a respectful and accessible community invested in the wellbeing and development of our members.

Why train with the BKA?

1. We deliver quality programs in traditional and applied karate for youth and adults by means of a superior training process and nurturing environment.

2. For adults, we offer a progressive strength training program utilizing the latest in sports science and equipment like BOSU Balls, Stability Balls, Resistance Bands, and Medicine Balls. Our students have performed up to 15% better than students of comparable training and age in a variety of standard fitness tests.

3. Innovations in curriculum that augment traditional karate with the latest trends in martial arts. We are constantly seeking to improve what and how we teach.

4. We are backed by the largest nation-wide Wado kai karate association, with with 2400 members across Canada.

5. We set clear expectations with a clear syllabus for students. This means students grade when they are clearly ready. Our students have consistently performed well in tournaments, both in kata and in kumite. 

There are reasons to believe that we can fulfill our promise to members:

1. The quality and experience of our Head Instructors is second to none. We teach what we know, and know what we teach well. We do not claim expertise in areas where we have not trained.

 2. We are established and reputable, having operated since 1993 in the University area.

 3. Our pricing is fair for the value we offer.  Compare what we charge to the price of having a personal trainer or other fitness/leisure time activities.

 4. We offer a safe but energetic training atmosphere. In a typical 2 hour class, where we strength train for 30 minutes and do karate for the remaining 90 minutes, a student can expect to burn over 1000 Calories.

5. We offer an open door to all students of martial arts, in the spirit of true martial arts and Sensei Shintani’s philosophy.

6. We attract people who are accomplished in their professional and personal lives.

7. We respect tradition but encourage exploration in order to grow and build on the legacy established by those who came before.

8. We are Canadians, and so are our students. We teach from a Western perspective informed by Western sport, nutritional, and medical science, but with respect for the heritage of our activity.