Bushido Karate Association presents…


Wish that you could keep doing karate all summer long? Us too!
Join the BKA team for a series of fun online karate challenges this summer!

What: A series of online martial arts themed challenges, appropriate and accessible to ALL RANKS. Join us virtually from your own home — or wherever in the world you’re spending your summer!
Over the course of the summer 6 different challenges will be posted. Each time you’ll have 2 weeks to complete the challenge, and submit your photo response on our website.
If you miss some of the challenges, no problem! Each one will be a stand-alone challenge, and you’re welcome to join for as many as you like — there are prizes for every level of participation!

Who: Any BKA Program members! All ages and ranks are welcome.

When: Every 2 weeks from May 28 – Aug 20. New challenges will go live every second Sunday and close for submissions at midnight on Saturdays.

How to Participate: 

BRONZE tier: complete 1-3 challenges
SILVER tier: complete 4-5 challenges
GOLD tier: complete all 6 challenges

The Challenges

Week 1: Opens May 28th. 

Description: PHOTO CONTEST

Take 3 photos in karate poses for our photo scavenger hunt!
Photo 1: On top of something.
Photo 2: In front of a sunrise or sunset.
Photo 3: With a buddy!

Submissions close June 10th at midnight.

Week 2: Opens June 11th.

Description: COMING SOON

Submissions close June 24th at midnight.

Week 3: Opens June 25th.

Description: COMING SOON

Submissions close July 8th at midnight.

Week 4: Opens July 9th.

Description: COMING SOON

Submissions close July 22nd at midnight.

Week 5: Opens July 25th.

Description: COMING SOON

Submissions close August 5th at midnight.

Week 6: Opens August 6th.

Description: COMING SOON

Submissions close August 20th at midnight.

Note: We may post some clips of your submissions (without names or identifying information) on the BKA’s social media platforms.
If you would like to participate in the challenges but would NOT like your video/photos posted, please let Sensei Bernadine know at bernadine@edmonton-karate.com.