BKA Bunkai Clinic – Shintani Level 1

Club Members,

The BKA will be hosting a provincial clinic on Sunday April 28th at The Derrick Club Dojo (10:00AM – 2:00PM).  The information flyer is attached.

Attendance at this event is encouraged for youth students ranked orange and up, and highly recommended all adult members.

Online registration is available on our website – at this link: http://edmonton-karate.com/bunkaiclinic.php

BKA members will have explored some of these concepts in class before – but this clinic is a 4 hour deep dive on bunkai fundamentals that will support your training in class and success at upcoming gradings (and prime adult members for summer training)!  Content explored at this clinic will be used as part of the upcoming adult grading on May 10th at Grandview.  This clinic also counts towards your time requirements for coloured belt gradings, and clinic requirements for black belt candidates.

This will also be a sanctioned event for the Shintani Instructor Certification Program.
Details here: https://shintani.ca/swkkf/instructor-certification-program.html

We hope to see you there!

Fall 2018 Bunkai Clinic

A reminder about our upcoming BKA Bunkai Clinic!

The process of Bunkai and the understanding of fighting principles it unlocks is being formally reviewed by the SWKKF through its Bunkai Committee, and will be forming a part of the SWKKF black belt grading curriculum in the near future.  Our clinic will be a pilot of a Level 2 course, in which students will learn and apply bunkai techniques to understand the kata Pinan Yodan.  This is an exciting opportunity for students to receive advance instruction in this higher-level practice from three knowledgeable and experienced Bunkai instructors.

October 27th, 2018, 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Mother Margaret Mary School, Edmonton

Cost: $40/Registration – Paid at the Door

• This event is open to all SWKKF member clubs, and will continue to explore how bunkai can uncover practical applications for wado kata.
• Rank Recommendations: Youth Members – Orange and Up, Aged 10 and Above, Adult Members – All Ranks

 Register Today for Saturday’s exciting event!  Pre-Registration is Required!

Youth Supplementary Strength Training

The BKA’s focus will always be martial arts – but a focus that is just as important to our instructor staff is supporting our members in a healthy and active lifestyle.  The amalgamation of these goals is reflected in our club’s tagline, “Fitness With a Purpose”.  One of the biggest differences between our youth and adult programs is an added 30 minutes of dedicated strength training in every class that focuses on overall fitness for our sport, but also larger athletic success.

We would like to expand that offering to our older youth members with introductory strength training classes!
These classes will be focused on elementary body/light weight exercises designed for youth members.

These will be offered once a month, and are free of charge for all BKA youth members 9+ from Grandview and the Derrick Club.

These classes are also highly encouraged for BKA Tournament Team members.

Our first training will be hosted at the Grandview Dojo on September 23rd from 3:00PM – 4:30PM.

If your child is coming out, please take a moment to register online – at this link!

Register online!

We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Black Belt Pre-Grading

With the Black Belt Grading in May closing quickly, the time has come for the annual Northern Alberta pre-grading. This year, the Bushido Karate Association will be hosting the event at The Derrick Club in Edmonton on March 18th from 10:00AM – 2:00PM. The dojo will be open at 9:30AM to allow students to warm up, as we will begin right at 10:00AM. Please bring snacks and other assorted drinks. There will be water breaks and break for lunch during the event to make sure you are well fuelled.

The pre-grading process is strongly recommended for all students looking to grade in May, so that they can be assessed by instructors outside their dojo, and received constructive feedback to assist in their success on grading day. This event will be open to all brown belt students and up. Southern Alberta
grading candidates are welcome to attend this event if they are unable to attend the grading in their region.

Action Item: If you are sending any students that are looking to be examined, please send their Name and Home Dojo to Sensei Scott Knowles (scott@edmonton-karate.com).

Action Item: If you or any of your senior students are willing to serve on the Joseki for the Pre-Grading, please contact Sensei Scott Knowles (scott@edmonton-karate.com). Ideally we would call for ranks Sandan or higher, but senior Nidans may be called on the day for extra assistance.

Download a copy of the PDF Flyer.

2017 Northern Alberta Black Belt Pre-Grading

Students,  The Bushido Karate Association is pleased to host the Annual Northern Alberta Black-Belt Pre-Grading Assessment Sunday March 19 from 10 am – 2 pm at the Derrick Club 3500 119 Street. All Blue and up students are welcome to attend, and students who will attempt rankings in May are strongly advised to attend.

Sensei Ron’s Visit


A reminder that on Friday, September 23, classes will run from 6:00 – 9:00 pm for all ranks as we welcome Sensei Ron Mattie to our Grandview dojo. Please try to make it for this special event!