Bushido Karate Association presents…

SUMMER OF KARATE II: The Challenge Returns!

Join us online this summer for a series of karate challenges you can do in your own home.
Some will be physical, some will be mental, all will be fun! 

What: A series of 8 weekly martial arts challenges.
Who: Any BKA members! All ages and ranks are welcome — challenges will be accessible to everyone.
When: From June 26 – Aug 20, with a new challenge posted every Saturday!

How to Participate: 

BRONZE tier: complete 1-3 challenges
SILVER tier: complete 4-7 challenges
GOLD tier: complete all 8 challenges

The FINAL CHALLENGE of the summer (Week 8) will be a PHOTO CONTEST — so you have all summer to find a cool location to strike your most epic pose! 

Have fun!  We are excited to see what you create!

– Sensei Bernadine and Sensei Scott


Active Challenge: Week 8

The Challenges

Week 1: Opens June 26. 

Description: How many kicks can you do in one minute?
Submissions close July 2 at midnight.

Week 2: Opens July 3.

Description: Karate has weapons?!? Try out a few bo staff moves with whatever you can use as a staff around your house.
Submissions close July 9 at midnight.

Week 3: Opens July 10.

Description: What bunkai can you come up with for these moves from Sochin?
Submissions close July 16 at midnight.

Week 4: Opens July 17.

Description: Show us how many push-ups you can do!
Submissions close July 23 at midnight.

Week 5: Opens July 24.

Description: Try to recreate 5 Signature Moves from famous martial artists.
Submissions close July 30 at midnight.

Week 7: Opens Aug 7. 

Description: Interpret Japanese terminology and demonstrate the listed moves!
Submissions close Aug 13 at midnight.

Note: We may post some clips of your submissions (without names or identifying information) on the BKA’s social media platforms. If you would like to participate in the challenges but would NOT like your video/photos posted, please let Sensei Bernadine know at bernadine@edmonton-karate.com.