I am pleased to announce the trends in aggregate fitness test results for all students present at both the September 2009 and June 2010 testing.

Overall, in all areas tested, the club members who attended both (N = 7), produced the following results:

1. Press Up Test count Average – decreased by 1% – a minor drop that is within statistical noise;
2. Forward Plank time average – increased by 30% – this is statistically significant and a testament to the power of focussed efforts we all made in strengthening the core;
3. Standing Long Jump average distance – increased by 5.5% – good
4. Squat Press throw distance average – increased by 1.7%
5. Sergeant Jump distance average – increased by 12.9% – this is also significant, and reflects an improvement overall in leg power. There is generally a correlation between vertical and horizontal jumping (results earlier).
6. Hexagon Agility average time – decreased by 5.2% – good
7. Illinois Agility average time – decreased by 3.2%. There is generally a correlation between this test and the Hexagon test.
8. Shoulder and Wrist average distance – improved by 1.4%
9. Hip and Trunk average distance – improved by 1.2%. Despite improvements in leg power, flexibility has been retained.
10. Trunk and Neck flexibility average distance – increased by 14.3%. Very Good. Despite the increases in core strength, which tend to shorten the rectus abdominus group, the ability to stretch against them has improved.
11. VO2max test results – increased by 6.7%. This shows that anaerobic interval training works.