A reminder to all brown-belt students that the Northern AB Shintani wadokai Federation Black-belt pre-grading is this coming Sunday March 17 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Derrick Club. There will be a short lunch break at around noon, but please bring food to eat, as we’ll be right back out on the floor.

(1) Address (including postal code for the GPS users out there) and phone number (in case someone is lost)
3500 119 Street Edmonton, AB T6J 5P5
(780) 437-1833

(2) Parking: park anywhere in the parking lot that is near the front doors

(3) Once they get into the club, go past reception desk to the right, through the doors and down the stairs.

(4) There are male all ages and female all ages change rooms at the bottom of the stairs right across from the badminton gym. A water fountain is near the access to the gym.

(5) There is a lounge upstairs with full service food and bar if folks would like to stay and eat before leaving for home