As head instructor of the Bushido Karate Association, I am very proud of the hard work and dedication of our seven new Nidan Instructors, newly promoted on May 7, 2016:
Sensei Sidney Chan, 2nd Dan
Sensei Raye Willms, 2nd Dan
Sensei Crystal Reynolds, 2nd Dan
Sensei Mike Reynolds, 2nd Dan
Sensei Andrij Demianczuk, 2nd Dan
Sensei Adam Knowles, 2nd Dan
Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt, 2nd Dan

Each is beginning to share their personal reflections on the day on Facebook, and it is clear this accomplishment means a lot to them, as it should! I want to acknowledge the splendid organization of our event and support from the Knowles Family:
Sensei Scott Knowles
Sensei Elliott Knowles
Leonie Knowles

I also want to thank other members of the club, who came out to experience the grading and to support the members of our community. I believe we had 8 other students join us on the floor, to witness the spectacle. Well done Bushido, host organization for the Annual 2016 AB provincial grading!