BKA strongly encourages full vaccination (i.e. 2 doses) against the Covid-19 virus for all members.

BKA commits to following all guidance set forth by the City of Edmonton and Alberta Health Services.

Summer classes may be taught outdoors in the grass or on the back tarmac if the weather allows.  Please bring appropriate footwear for training outdoors.  

During summer training students can choose whether to wear their gi or an athletic top.  We recommend that students bring a gi top in their bag, in case of partnered work involving gripping.

Partnered Training

  • BKA will not do any group interactive drills for the duration of the Summer/Fall 2021 terms (i.e. rolling line, roaming striking shields, etc). 
  • BKA will commit to offering both partnered and solo versions of drills for the duration of the Summer/Fall 2021 terms.
  • Notes on partnered activities: 
    • If two students are comfortable working as partners in the class for drills, they are welcome to do so, but both partners must agree to this on an individual basis.
    • No student should feel obligated to work with a partner if they are uncomfortable doing so. Solo versions of all drills will also be offered. 
    • If partnering, BKA asks that students stick with a single dedicated partner as often as you can.  
      • If your partner is not available and there is another person on the floor available to partner, students may do so at their discretion and comfort level, and both must agree to this on an individual basis.

As a reminder, if you feel unwell, stay home. 

BKA will continue to practice enhanced cleaning measures (see full documentation of Covid precautions) as well as providing hand sanitizer at all dojo entrances.