11th Annual Dynamic Karate Club Clinic

Dynamic Karate – Virtual Clinic
Friday October 23 2020 – 5:30-8:15 (MDT)
Saturday October 24 2020 10-2 (MDT).  

See details here: https://dynamickarate.ca/11th-annual-fall-clinic

Friday October 23 Evening session for Adults: 6:45 – 8 pm
Regular colored-belt class from 6 to 6:30; 15 min set-up and safe entry for additional ranks.We plan to set up a  Projector at the dojo, and attend as a group on Friday evening – all ranks welcome, but space will be limited to ~16 in order to observe social distancing.

Saturday (Brown/Black): 12:30 – 2 pm.  You’ll need to attend from home. Fee is $25 for both sessions, or $10 for Friday night only.

Register Here: 

BKA Instructors who register – Fees will be covered by the BKA.  Let me know once you have registered, and I will send one e-Transfer to Sensei Darren to reduce Transaction Fees. Given the pandemic restrictions in place, it is important to take advantage of opportunities to train with different instructors.  Different perspectives are important and can unlock epiphanies in your training. We also want to support the SWKKF as far as we can during these difficult times.

Class Schedule and Online Classes

Club Members, an update on the training schedule for the Fall 2020 Semester.

Youth Training Schedule

  • Tuesday Introductory Classes
    White, White Stripe, Yellow, Yellow Stripe
    5:30PM – 6:20PM
  • Tuesday Intermediate Classes
    Orange, Orange Stripe, Green, Green Stripe, Blue, Blue Stripe
    6:30PM – 7:20PM
  • Saturday Introductory Classes
    White, White Stripe, Yellow, Yellow Stripe
    9:30AM – 10:20AM
  • Saturday Intermediate Classes
    Orange, Orange Stripe, Green, Green Stripe, Blue, Blue Stripe
    10:30AM – 11:30AM

Adult Training Schedule

  • Tuesday Advanced Classes
    Blue Belts and up
    7:30PM – 9:00PM
  • Friday All Ranks Classes
    White Belts – Blue Belts
    6:00PM – 7:10PM
  • Friday Advanced Classes
    Blue Belts and up
    7:15PM – 9:00PM
  • Sunday All Ranks Classes
    White Belts and up
    6:00PM – 8:00PM

Online Class Streaming

We will be providing streams of the classes taught at the dojo via zoom. Online streaming of classes will begin on Saturday, September 19th. For access to these classes, please contact our instructor team.

Our team understands the hesitancy to return to training at the dojo during the pandemic.  With this offering we hope to help students continue training virtually, until they can return to the dojo.

Students are still required to complete the online registration form, and pay the BKA training fee for access to online classes.  

Classes Resume September 11th and 12th.

The BKA will be returning to in-person classes at the Grandview dojo this September.
Given the situation, we understand that a return to training could be stressful for students.  Our team is committed to creating an environment in which students can comfortably make the transition back to training.  We will be relaunching with a variety of measures in place to ensure safety for all of our members, and our instructors.  Some of these measures include: 

  • More classes that are slightly shorter to reduce class size, and give the staff time to run enhanced cleaning protocols on the facility.
  • Class caps at no more than 18 participants registered per class.
  • Social distancing students to a minimum of 2.5 meters between participants.
  • Reducing training scope to activities that do not involve person to person contact (this will be revisited as guidance is provided from Alberta Health Services).
  • Elimination of the viewing gallery on the side of the dojo.  Parents are welcome to view the classes (masked), from the hallways of the facility.
  • Students are required to be masked in facility washrooms, hallways, and entryways.
  • Mandatory masking for instructors.
  • As karate is a physical activity, masks are not required for participants, but students are welcome to wear a mask if they/their guardians wish them to do so.  Masking will not exempt students from the social distancing requirements set forth by the BKA.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided by the BKA at every facility entrance.

Youth Class Information

Adult Class Information

Summer Classes This Week

Club Members, 

A reminder that we will continue classes from 6:30-8:00PM on through next Tuesday at the Grandview dojo.  If the weather is clear, we will continue with training outside behind the club.If the weather doesn’t allow us to train outdoors, we will move inside the hall, with physical distancing and protocols in place for indoor training.

As of Friday, September 11th, we will move into our fall schedule.Our full schedule is available online at: http://www.edmonton-karate.com/classes/adult-classes/

Please make sure to complete your registration online at http://www.edmonton-karate.com/register-online/

Outdoor Classes for August

Club Members, 

Outdoor training has continued to go well, and we will continue this as our training method for the next month.

Classes until further notice on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays will be held at the Grandview Dojo from 6:30PM – 8:00PM (90 minute classes).
If inclement weather prevents us from training, we will notify all members (by 3PM that day) and move to our zoom dojo for class that night.

Please take some time to read the BKA’s relaunch protocol, as emailed out to you. It is also available in the handouts section of the website.

Please take note of the attachments emailed out to you.  All protocols as described must be followed for training to be permitted.

Immediate Action Item: 

Our instructional team understands that everyone’s comfort level regarding a return to training may be different; we are committed to creating an environment where our students feel safe.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

I have emailed out the complete document from the BKA which lays out the protocols for in-person training during Phase 2.  The notes applicable to outdoor training are included. It is also available in the handouts section of the website.