The BKA had five members in attendance at the South Calgary Wado-kai karate tournament. Overall, there were 211 kyu belts and 48 black-belts, including Sensei Denis Labbe (8th-Dan), and Sensei Ron Mattie (7th Dan), the President and Chief Instructor for the SWKKF respectively. The National Team was also present, and features our very own Sensei Kelsey Ross (2nd-Dan). Congratulations to Sensei Scott Knowles, who place 1st in Kumite and 3rd in kata in a very competitive Shodan division. Sensei Kelsey placed 3rd in kata in the Nidan-Sandan division, and 4th in Women’s black-belt kumite. The team competition was exciting. It was judged to WKF rules, and was easily won by the National Team. We had an awesome banquet afterwards, but got snowed in the massive storm that hit Calgary that night. Overall, a very memorable week-end. Sensei Heather and Darren Fidyk and the entire south Calgary wado-kai club did an excellent job of hosting another great event.