On April 18, ten members of the BKA attended the 6th Annual Whitecourt tournament. Overall, there were about 100 youth competitors and 75 adults, include 35 brown and black belts. Here’s how our students did: Crystal Sincennes – White Belt Adult division – 1st in kata, 2nd in kumite Mike Reynolds – Yellow Belt Adult Division – 2nd in kata Andrij Demianczuk – Yellow Belt Adult Division – 1st in kata Veronica Kralcewicz – Blue Belt Adult Division – 1st in kata Adam Knowles – Youth Blue Belt Division – 1st in Kumite Scott Knowles – Shodan Dvision – 2nd in kata, 2nd in Kumite Elliot Knowles – Shodan Division – 3rd in Kumite Angela Juby – Brown Belt Dvision – 3rd in kata Well done to all students who competed, and thanks to all students who support the Whitecourt Wado-kai group in their successful event.