Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying the last free days of holidays prior to a return to school and your regular activities. Karate resumes this Tuesday, January 8 at 5:45 pm at Grandview Heights for all ranks, and Saturday, January 12 for split training times. Remember that if you were newly promoted to Orange, you can now come to the 10:30 am class on Saturday morning!

New This Term
Regardless of rank, older students may also come on Saturdays at 10:30 am. If you are twelve or older, with some lee-way depending on size, you can come to the Saturday 10:30 training time. If you have any questions, or need clarification, please contact me to discuss. What we are trying to do is create a teen class on Saturday mornings at 10:30. Parents who are yellow-belt or higher may continue to come at 9:00 am if that’s when your kids train, but may also come at 10:30 am too to follow your kids as it were. Also, students who are yellow-belt or higher should all have hand pads, as we tend to do more sparring with partners in the winter term. Talk to Sensei Freeman to get pads.

Did you know?
The club has a Facebook site, and, of course, you can always follow us here at our web-site (www.edmonton-karate.com).

Bring a Friend
Our club has grown over the years because members like you have shared your experiences with others. Staying with karate is made a lot easier if students have friends with whom they can share the experience. Why not let them know about what we do, and encourage them to come out and give it a try?

See you next week!