This weekend we will be hosting our annual inter-club tournament for youth members of the Grandview/McKernan and Derrick programs! The event will run from 9AM until 1PM at Mother Margaret Mary School on Saturday, March 8th. All youth ranks are welcome to come and compete in three events (kata, kumite, and pad kumite). We consider this event a “learning tournament” so that parents and students are familiarized with the tournament process, and may then look to attend others across the province! There will be 4 rings set up, a practice area with extra instruction, prizes, and fun to be had for everyone!

For more information please check the flyer available here!

There will be no classes at McKernan or the Derrick that day as all instructors will be at the event.
Adult members, if you are available to help us with the event, it would be very much appreciated!