10 members from the BKA travelled out to Whitecourt for the annual tournament over the weekend. Our students represented well, and all came back with trophies, shirts, and other awards! Check out the stats below on who attended the event, and make sure to congratulate them on their success at the tournament when you see them!

Nicklaus Mah (Yellow-stripe Youth) – 1st Kata
Ronin Chan (Yellow-stripe Youth) – 2nd Kata, 1st Kumite
Alex Wong (Orange Adult) – 1st Kata, 1st Kumite
Sara Mah (Blue Youth) – 1st Kata, 1st Kumite
Shawn Larmand (Blue Adult) – 2nd Kata, 2nd Kumite
Veronica Krawcewicz (Brown Adult) – 3rd Kata
Adam Knowles (Shodan-Nidan) – 2nd Kata, 3rd Team King of the Ring
Elliott Knowles (Shodan-Nidan) – 4th Kata, 2nd Team King of the Ring
Scott Knowles (Sandan+) – 2nd Open Kata, 1st Team King of the Ring, King of the Ring Individual Champion