The Bushido Karate Association is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this fall, and we’ll be marking the milestone with year-round special events and commemoratives for members.
We’re honoured to have so many long-time members, and to have played a role in shaping young lives through martial arts training for so long.

The first reveal of our 25th anniversary year is our new logo! We have now honourably retired the old logo, and begin the celebration of our 25th anniversary with this new design!

Sensei James Freeman will be delving into the symbolism and ideas behind the logo in the coming days, taking the time to explore what it means to us as an organization – but in the meantime here is a brief note on some of the style elements and symbolism that went into this design:

The broken circle design can be interpreted in many ways, but was initially based on the ensō, a symbol from Japanese Zen Buddhism representing strength and enlightenment. The ensō circle is drawn in one or two uninterrupted brush strokes. When the circle is closed, it represents perfection. The open circle as seen here acknowledges imperfection as well as representing space for development and improvement. Drawing the ensō is a meditative practice, often performed daily, with the artist always striving towards greater mastery.
The maple leaf, of course, represents Canada, while the red rising sun circle nods to the Japanese heritage of our martial art.

Within the circle is the kanji for “Bushidō” (“dō” = way, “bushi” = warrior; collectively, “way of the warrior).