The BKA will be returning to in-person classes at the Grandview dojo this September.
Given the situation, we understand that a return to training could be stressful for students.  Our team is committed to creating an environment in which students can comfortably make the transition back to training.  We will be relaunching with a variety of measures in place to ensure safety for all of our members, and our instructors.  Some of these measures include: 

  • More classes that are slightly shorter to reduce class size, and give the staff time to run enhanced cleaning protocols on the facility.
  • Class caps at no more than 18 participants registered per class.
  • Social distancing students to a minimum of 2.5 meters between participants.
  • Reducing training scope to activities that do not involve person to person contact (this will be revisited as guidance is provided from Alberta Health Services).
  • Elimination of the viewing gallery on the side of the dojo. ¬†Parents are welcome to view the classes (masked), from the hallways of the facility.
  • Students are required to be masked in facility washrooms, hallways, and entryways.
  • Mandatory masking for instructors.
  • As karate is a physical activity, masks are not required for participants, but students are welcome to wear a mask if they/their guardians wish them to do so. ¬†Masking will not exempt students from the social distancing requirements set forth by the BKA.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided by the BKA at every facility entrance.

Youth Class Information

Adult Class Information